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Established in 2007, OUR is a CDFI (Community Development Financial Institution) certified by the US Department of the Treasury’s CDFI FUND, and dedicated exclusively to serve the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs through microloans services in its target market: Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. OUR has been authorized four times by the SEC to issue debt through Investment Certificates, and, since January 2015 is one of the loans administrators for the MICROFINANCE LOAN PROGRAM of the Florida State. At OUR, we have made more than 2,800 business loans, with a total amount disbursed higher than $43 million, a total portfolio bigger than $9 million as of today, with near 8,740 hours of technical assistance.


Our Process

All our loans are done through visit processes in which a Microfinance Specialist goes to the client’s business and helps them gather the necessary information and requirements, including the completion of all the necessary forms to be submitted for approval on the credit committee. Our clients won’t spend time filling complicated paperwork or waiting to be helped in an office, all the tedious work is done by our Microfinance Specialists for them. Learn more


Hour approval


or lower in credit

Not FICO Driven


Hour disbursement


How it works

You decide how to invest, choosing the perfect combination of amount, term and, frequency of interest payments that adapts to you.


minimum investment


to 24 month maturity



% interest rates

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