OUR LOANS advises you financially.


Are you worried you won’t get a business loan because of your past credit history?


Here are 3 tips:

  1. Establish the amount of money you need and how much you can pay monthly.
  2. Identify what type of collateral you can offer: the equipment or truck you want to buy, an already paid car, a guarantor, or a cosigner.
  3. Prepare your personal and business information to back-up your request: bank statements, business, and personal references, contracts, etc.


We will always find a way to grow your business because we analyze your needs and offer you a flexible solution, even without prior credit history.


You need the money ASAP? Not a problem.


When it comes to your business and loans, we understand that getting the money quickly is of the utmost importance. Therefore:


  1. Be clear on how you will use the money, ask for estimates if necessary.
  2. Determine the loan’s impact on your cash flow: how much you can pay monthly.
  3. Prepare your reasoning well and back it up with the appropriate documents: account statements, company information, quotes for possible investments to be made, among others.


Don’t think that a loan application has to be lengthy. Apply now for loans from $5,000 to $50,000. In 2 days we will give you a personalized response and 3 days later you will receive your money. Without any waste of time and the money will be in your hands, when you need it.


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We will advise and guide you throughout the process.