We’ve been doing MAGIC.

If someone during an elevator ride asked me what Our MicroLending is doing on these days, I have to say MAGIC!

Magic because we were born during the biggest economic crisis of this generation, we have been investing when everyone else is in panic; we are selling a product that few people knew and lending money to “under served” creditors while struggling with a system that continuously pushes the borrowers to be negligent with their loans; and besides that, we are still alive after three years.

Yes, we have been doing magic. That’s what it is; not because we are magicians or wizards, but because we firmly believe in OUR dream of being the leader MFI of Florida and maybe the country, we have the faith of OUR shareholders in our abilities and capacities, the support of OUR families and stake-holders, an after all, this is a consequence of having the right team, OUR Specialists and staff, and the loyalty and excellence of OUR clients.

We want to thank all the people that have made this journey possible knowing there will be many years of magic to come.

Thanks again and welcome to OUR Blog.

Adaptation: Melina Santandreu

Original Text: Anniversary Message to Personnel,
Emilio Santandreu. CEO