Why did we file a Form 1-A (Reg. A) with the Security Exchange Commission (SEC)?

This week we published on
our website:OUR MicroLending LLC’s Reg.A
qualification on December 23rd by the Securities and Exchange
Commission (SEC) to sale up to $5,000,000 Unsecured Investment Certificates
The question is: Why are we doing this? Which
is the purpose of selling that much in Certificates?

To accomplish OUR’s Mission statement of
providing microcredits to Microbusinesses or unbanked entrepreneurs, we need a
steady and permanent flow of funds to meet our demand, thus continued helping
micro-entrepreneurs through our microloan program. This demand has been bigger
than what we have expected given that the funds available from our shareholders,
friends and relatives were not enough to cover our demand.

Such opportunity forced us to look for
different alternatives to fund the loans. Therefore, we found that through a
Regulation (A) Offering Statement under the Securities Act of 1933, and once
the filed Form1-A is qualified by the SEC, we could sell up to $5,000,000 in
Investment Certificates  starting in the
minimum amount of $1,000 with the maturities and the interest rate that have
been established in the Offering Circular.

Thinking besides our needs and considering that  there are different sizes of  investors looking for new alternatives, for
high social impact investment, or socially responsible investments with
reasonable or risk adequate yields, we decided that: The Certificates
will be offered in the minimum amount of $1,000, and in multiples of $100. The
Certificates will have maturities of 6 to 18 months from the date issued, with
a fixed interest rate depending on the term and based on a formula tied to the
Treasury Bill ( See he Offering Circular).

With such
characteristics, these securities offer four important advantages: 1) small
investment (almost like saving); 2) adequate rate of return or yield versus its
risk; 3) high social impact and 4) an Offering Statement Qualified by the SEC.

We strongly believe
that with this new alternative we would meet the needs of our borrowers, offer
an alternative investment for those interested in socially responsible
investments and accomplish company’s Values, which is “We believe in lending
and investing money combining ethic and
financial goals
, where a socially
responsible investment
can finance economic activities with a positive social impact, while obtaining
a fair and reasonable profit

 And this is why we did it…we invite you to
invest with us at www.ourmicrolending.com

See qualification letter below.

 Emilio M. Santandreu